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The Djembé is a well known instrument and find it’s origin in West Africa (Guinee, Senegal, Mali). In earlier days the Djembe was made out of Leky wood and produced out of one single piece of tree. The drum skin was made from the skin of a goat and tensioned with a rope. Today there are many variations of the Djembe.

The Conga find it’s origin in Congo and was named Makuta. This drums where shipped by the slave ships that sailed to Cuba. The Makuta was also produced out of one single peace of tree. The modern Conga exist out of staves.

The Darbuka or Darabuka was discovert in Mesopotamië. In earlier days they used clay and animal skin. Archaeologists believe that this drums where played more then 4000 years ago. The modern Darbukas are made by aluminum, have a plastic head
and are tensioned with screws.

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